PINK Stress-Out Book For Pearls of Hope®

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, Self Investment Publishing has published a special PINK edition of best-selling book Stress Out, show stress who’s the Boss, to benefit Pearls of Hope®.PINK-COVER-web

Studies have shown that stress is a risk factor for cancer, and for example, that psychological stress is linked to breast cancer aggressiveness. Other physicians emphasize that emotional factors can influence the growth of tumors of the breast. It is becoming increasingly clear that health depends on developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with stress.

Self Investment Publishing has selected Stress Out, show stress who’s the boss, as the book to co-brand with The Lorraine Jackson Foundation. The proceeds from sales of this special pink edition of Stress Out, show stress who’s the boss will support the efforts of Pearls of Hope®.”

Stress Out series primary author Sumner Davenport has received several endorsement and accolades from the readers who field tested the techniques in her Stress Out books. “What I’ve attempted to do with this book is three-fold, 1. That the proceeds from the sales of this book assist Pearls of Hope®, The Lorraine Jackson Foundation to continue its mission, 2. that this book is kept as a reminder of the Foundation, and 3. provide hope for people seeking tools to gain a more healthy relationship with their stress and know they are helping others at the same time.”

The Lorraine Jackson Foundation was founded, when, during her own treatment with breast cancer Ms. Jackson met many mothers who were concerned what would happen to their children if they didn’t survive. Cancer is a life sentence for millions of women each year, leaving behind children with broken hearts and broken dreams. With a burning desire to help, Ms. Jackson researched for organizations that would assist the children. When she found the results lacking she founded The Lorraine Jackson Foundation, and legally trademarked Pearls of Hope®. The Foundation’s primary mission is to provide college scholarships for children who have lost a parent to breast cancer.

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More information on the Lorraine Jackson Foundation can be found on their website:

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