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Rubber Butt
Stories of Bouncing Back

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So many people find themselves hitting bumps in the road, some with challenges so large it feels like hitting a wall, or falling into huge caverns of confusion, fear and emptiness. How many times have you heard someone say they were knocked on their butt from an unforeseen and difficult, if not tragic, event in their life.

Everyone has "bad days". What do you do when you have several bad days or one hugely  bad day that turns your life upside down?!   Business set-backs, Divorce, Illness, Betrayals, Financial, Personal, Faith shaking events .........

If giving up on life isn't an option, then, what to do? If it's the first time this problem or event has ever been experienced, where do you find answers and direction?

More than just inspiration (inspiration, n; Stimulation of the mind or emotions) Inspirational stories sometimes choke us up, and we feel happy for the person in the story, but can we relate? Can we get step by step answers from these distant stories?!

More than platitudes  (platitude, n; trite or banal remark or statement, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant) Platitudes generally only make the person saying them feel better

It’s more than telling someone – to toughen up, hold their chin up or what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (That last one may lead them to think about killing you – not literally, hopefully)

It’s not that a person lacks the motivation, faith or desire, they may not know what to do, or how.

We want more answers that are more than: just “think positive” or "just have faith". Positive thinking by itself may help some people feel better, however, “empowered thinking that prompts action” creates a result. We are looking for that action roadmap.

Now is the time you can share your inspiration by telling your own experience for the benefit of others. We are not on this planet alone, we are help to assist, educate and support each other in life. Many stories are available telling about a person who was in a difficult circumstance, and then got through it. We want more than the short version, we want to inspire with all the steps, from A to W. We encourage you to write form your heart, we will not change your style or change your personality of your grammar. We will check for spelling errors.

Stories that give step by step real-life solutions to personal set-backs will be published in this book. This book will be marketed and shared with establishments and groups that help people during their struggles and challenges (teachers, halfway houses, missions, safe houses, counselors, friends). 

Not all stories will be published. Submission does not guarantee acceptance for publication. Stories will be chosen that best fit the purpose of this mission.  If we have questions or need more information, it is important that you ask those in your application.

Co-authors, regardless of profession, cannot recommend specific investment products or render case specific legal, medical or financial advice. 

Here’s what we are looking for.:

Point A:

Aaack!  What happened?

Did you see it coming?
How did it affect you?
What did this experience initially do to you or cause you to do or feel?
Were you alone, did you have support, did you have to find support? What kind? How?
How did you react immediately after this event/experience?
What did you do nest?
Next? What happened? Step forward, same or step back?
We also want to know what you did, that didn’t help. And why.
We want all the specific steps and results that let you from point A to point W.

Point W:
WHEW ! I've survived, succeeded, thrived from my started place of Aaack!

To be considered for this title, please read the

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Point W – Whew!
Where are you now? How has this experience helped you, changed you, etc



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