Author Resources

Welcome to our Author Resources page.

With all the publishing options available today, many authors gain more success when they recognize the many components of creating a best selling and profitable book. The biggest areas overlooked is pre-planning, the launch and ongoing marketing.

For those that want to wear all the hats and do it all themselves, this list may serve as a reminder of what can be done. For those following a team approach, these author resources may assist in building a creative support team.

Many of these services are available to both our author clients as well as DIY clients.

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If you are a supplier of any of these services, please contact us for requirements for listing.

  1. Book Strategy
  2. Book Marketing Plan
  3. Marketing Assistance
  4. Book Design – Layout and/or Cover
  5. Book Editing/Proofing
  6. Amazon look-inside
  7. Rights – Contracts
  8. Copyright
  9. Library of Congress
  10. Photography/Illustration/Graphics
  11. Convert your speech/PowerPoint slides/assorted handouts/blog into a book/workbook
  12. Convert your presentation from cassette to CD or MP3
  13. Manuscript Editing/preparation for publication
  14. Convert your blog, notes, speeches into manuscript for book
  15. Book listings in Ingram, Book-in-Print, Amazon, B&N, Google books
  16. Focus Group
  17. Press Releases
  18. Book Dedicated URL/Website Design
  19. Inclusion in all our catalog marketing
  20. Reviews
  21. Trade Shows
  22. Videographer
  23. Book Trailers
  24. Distribution – Online/Brick & Mortar
  25. Distribution – Regional/International
  26. Translation
  27. Book Tours
  28. Book Clubs
  29. Digital Conversion – Kindle/iTunes
  30. e-Book App Development
  31. Music for Audio Books or Book Trailers
  32. Audio Book Recording
  33. Audio Book Distribution – Online
  34. Referral to Book/Writing Coach
  35. Referral to Book Agents (specific requirements)
  36. Author/Book – Online Niche Marketing
  37. Author/Book – Offline Marketing
  38. Author/Book Niche Marketing
  39. Set up to sell your knowledge in webinars

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