Through the Eyes of the Soul
by Leona Byrne

Today, many people are seeking answers to what is the meaning of life and how to be happy in a world which seems to operate on judgment and blame. Awareness of what is going on is the first step to healing the ego’s wounds and spirituality.

The intention of this book is to inspire the reader to develop an awareness of their Loving self through the inspired poetry.

Following each poem are reflective questions to give the reader the opportunity to develop and practice the spiritual concepts in each poem.  Order Yours Today


“Leona’s work touches the soul by artfully illustrating Spiritual concepts. She provides the opportunity to reflect on and practice these concepts by guiding the reader to go within and find the Love in us all.” ~ Will Sherwood, CEO, The Sherwood Group.

“Leona's vast array of poetry is at once insightful, as it is artistic and aesthetic. You will feel colorful emotions that are subtly described in her passages. This is a must read.” ~ Brenda Fenner, Senior Buyer.

“ It is has been my experience that whenever I am searching for answers to situations I encounter on my life’s journey, I am led within. Here, I can connect with the deeper, inner parts of myself to find solutions. In reading Leona’s poetic expressions, it appears that she, too, frequently journeys within to find that Divine, tranquil part of herself to connect with. Her poems speak to my heart and help me move forward in my many roles that “Stretch me into my new self.” ~ Ann Hill, Businesswoman, Grandmother,  Professional speaker, co-contributor ”The ‘G’ Spot” , the ecstasy of life through Gratitude.

“Leona’s spiritual insights into life’s many twist and turns goes beyond what you see in the moment. Her insight goes to the core of a bigger picture and imparts grace to our human experience, which is reflected into the heart of her poems.” ~ Sharone Strohm , Entrepreneur, Writer, Spiritual Coach.

“Leona’s poems take the reader on an introspective journey towards love and acceptance of being. I recommend it to anyone searching for inner peace and understanding.” ~Xavier Melanson-Fernandez, Environmental Scientist.

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Leona Byrne is a poet, speaker and entrepreneur, a retired Vice President of a major bank and co-founder of two businesses. To quench her thirst for knowledge Leona went back to school in her fifties and received her degree in Management. This spurred her on to achieve her Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology at the age of sixty.

As a teenager Leona saw the power of Peace and Love as the answer to the world’s ills. Her quest then became the pursuit of Peace and Love even when people in her life told her she was not a realist.

Leona lives with her husband David, in Southern California where she loves to write, travel and spend time with her grandchildren. Her mission in life continues to be, to develop Spiritual awareness in herself and others through her loving poetry and her life experiences.
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