Cat Rescue To Benefit From Book Sale: Stress Out For Cats And Dogs And Their People

Los Angeles, December 13, 2013 – For Immediate Release

James Cagney’s “Dirty Rats” Legend Produced Cats at the Studios, Inc.

Proceeds from this special edition are shared with Cats at the Studios

Proceeds from this special edition are shared with Cats at the Studios

Self Investment Publishing has published a special edition of best-selling book Stress Out for Cats, Dogs & their People, to benefit Cats at the Studios.

Stress is a constant in our lives – such a constant that we actually don’t realize we are under stress, we think it’s “just part of life.” Health surveys report that over 70% of people feel stress every day. The animal-human bond is a most beautiful lifelong relationship. Cats and dogs are our special companions giving an unparalleled kind of love. Yet, some of the ways we treat them adds to their stress, and to our own. This book is a collection of real life stories from animal lovers and advocates who have learned something about themselves through the cats and dogs in their care. They have also learned how to better care for their animal companions which can then reduce the stress for both. In these personal stories you might read something that helps you to understand your animal companion’s stress and their needs, or find a way to prevent accidents, injury and some illnesses. This book hopes to inspire the reader, educate and provide solutions to some of their frustrations.

Author and publisher, Sumner Davenport has received several endorsement and accolades from the readers who field tested the techniques in this book. “What I’ve attempted to do, is make it simple for people to find easy solutions for their stress, and to help others at the same time. This special Kindle edition is to help Cats at the Studios so they can continue to help the abandoned cats and kittens get the care they need and the furrever loving home they deserve.”  Proceeds from all Ms. Davenport’s books are shared with selected charities.

Cats at the Studios, Inc. (“CATS, INC.”) is a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to nurturing, neutering & spaying, and finding homes for abandoned cats and kittens. In 1931, legend has it that movie magnate Jack Warner found himself with a temperamental star on his hands. During the filming of Public Enemy Number One, James Cagney found his favorite wool cap destroyed by “dirty rats” that had inhabited his dressing room. Cagney stormed Warner’s office and fumed, “Everyone in the world knows the best exterminator of rats is the cat! You ain’t seeing me back here ‘till I hear some meowing!” The same day, Warner paid a visit to the local animal shelter and returned to the studio—with a limousine full of cats. He placed a tin can in his office he called the “kitty kitty” to collect donations for the new studio “employees.”

In 1984, a group of studio employees on the Warner Brothers backlot decided something had to be done for the growing number of homeless cats in their workplace. Cats At The Studios (C.A.T.S. Inc.) was born: a nonprofit organization whose caregivers have picked up where Warner left off. For the past twenty years, C.A.T.S. Inc. has ensured that all cats living in the studio backlots are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, provided with any needed medical care, and given fresh food and water daily. All of the tame cats found on the backlot have been adopted into new homes.

C.A.T.S. Inc. has grown far beyond its original group of founders—and expanded its early mandate. Because of our success with the cats of the studio lots, C.A.T.S. Inc. is now able to dedicate our resources to all the cats and kittens of Los Angeles, offering rescue, care, and adoption to cats and kittens from all corners of the city, in all situations and places. We rely solely on our adoption fees and donations from the public to continue the hard work of rescuing all the cats of Los Angeles that need help.  Working with local large pet sores, volunteers can be seen each weekend introducing available cats and kittens to hopeful prospective adoptive homes.  More information about Cats at the Studios can be found on their website: Http://

This special Kindle edition of the Stress Out for Cats, Dogs & their People book, can be found on and on the book website:

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