Fundraising Guidelines


Proceeds from customized Self Investment Publishing (SIPC) books benefit the charity whose customization is on and in the book.  Each book has a specific donation amount that is sent to the charity. This exact amount and all terms of the agreement are outlined in advance of books being produced or made ready for sale. The agreed upon donation is paid from the sales which are received through the custom dedicated websites, and/or online retailers, ie: Amazon, B&N, Google Books, etc.

Orders received through the custom dedicated website for the individual charity will be sent to that specific charity within four weeks following the close of the month when the sales occurred and payment has been received from the purchaser. We request the charity send the donation receipt to the person who pledged the donation. We can not be held responsible for charity groups who refuse or fail to send a donation receipt.

Donations from the sales generated through other online stores  (ie: Amazon, B&N, Google Books, etc.) will be paid to the specific charity within 30 days of the close of each reporting quarter and payment has been received from the online store.

Original Self Investment Publishing books benefit several Charities. Donations  are sent to selected non-profit organizations selected by SIPC after payment has been received through our payment options, and the books have been shipped to the purchaser.

Only books ordered through Self Investment Publishing and the specific book websites qualify for charity donations.

Certain non-profit groups are excluded from this program. If the buyer selects a non-profit organization that is not on the allowable list, they will be notified and any pledges received will be cancelled. Non profit organizations must be 501 (c) in current and legal standing with all governing organizations. Certain groups will not be accepted for fundraising purposes, including but not limited to: one person organizations, organizations under investigation by authorities,  adult-only content, groups selling firearms or alcohol, groups promoting violence, harassment or hatred.

Contact us to get find out how to get your organization in the Spotlight of the Week.

If you are an author, contact us to find out how to offer your books in our Fundraising with Books Charity Connection program.


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