It is more difficult to sell your book than it was to write it.
It will take more time to make good money from your book, than it did to write it.
It is more difficult for indie authors to succeed with sales of their books when they wear all the hats.
Marketing is essential for any product, and equally as important for books.

Effective marketing begins BEFORE your book is published.

Your marketing plan should start by first answering these first questions which are important as you move towards educating your potential target market and motivating them to want to buy your books.

  1. What makes your book unique?
  2. Why should someone buy it?
  3. What benefits will the reader get from reading your book?
  4. What about your book would motivate the reader to want to recommend it to others?
  5. Why are you the best author to write/publish this material?
  6. Where can you publicize your book – BEFORE it is published?

This is only the starting point.

It may “take a village” to …
… reach your target market
… raise the interest in your book
… gain sales for your book
… obtain lasting success for your book
… pave the way for your following books
How big is your village?

Many indie authors spend the majority of their time writing their book. When they finally have a finished manuscript in their hand … they either self publish or contract with a vanity publisher for an opening inventory to publish their book. With a garage full of books, they start “marketing.” They show it to a few friends, make a website, post on their social Media sites (and anything else they can think of) and beg for sales. Time is running and they are running out of steam and, sometimes, money….then what…? At this point, you are running just to catch up. Unless you are a recognized celebrity, or your book captured the attention of a top agent or the traditional publishing house … you are left to do all the marketing yourself. At the same time, you are working to make an income, possibly writing your next book, and loosing sleep thinking about what you can do to with your book, your baby.

In order to be successful in the book industry, authors need to not only be good writers, they need to understand the business of marketing their book.

There are many marketing venues that can be utilized, or a combination of several to get your book noticed, purchased, reviewed and promoted by others.


We offer a variety of marketing services to our authors, some which include:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Press Releases
  • Media Kits
  • Expanded distribution
  • Book Shows
  • Joint Ventures
  • Book reviews
  • Online streaming presentations
  • Sponsorship’s
  • Merchandising
  • Videos
  • Television/Radio
  • Book clubs
  • Book blogs
  • Custom interactive websites
  • Social networks
  • Niche marketing
  • Fundraising programs
  • Affiliate programs
  • Retail
  • Interviews
  • Book Events
  • And more…
Our marketing programs can assist you in your current marketing efforts in ways that you cannot do alone.
FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Contact us today to talk with us about your book, email us here, and be sure to download our free report, “Why the Majority of Indie Authors Sell Less than 500 books in Their Lifetime.”

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