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Author-Amanda-JohnsonUpside-Down Seeker, Mommy, Wifey, Caregiver, Speaker, Author, and MessagePreneurTM
True to Intention

Amanda Johnson helps others rewrite their stories from lies to love and change their world with their own powerful messages.

After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages (as a Student, Teacher, and Master Writing Coach), Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it launched her on a journey of personal and professional transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable. Realizing how powerful a Message can be – not only for the audience, but for the Messenger – Amanda integrated everything she’d learned from some of the world’s most outstanding educators, powerful transformational coaches, and heart-centered business experts, and grew a powerful, profitable brand (True to Intention) around her Butterfly Approach to MessagePreneurship in just a few short years.

Today, she is helping Upside-Down MessagePreneurs clarify their core message, uncover their divine brand to make it memorable, and share it with readers and audiences in a way that facilitates real internal change and obvious results in their lives. But, more importantly, she helps them become powerful MessagePreneursTM– messengers who know how, and more importantly, have the capacity, to deliver their message and build powerful, profitable brands and businesses without compromising their health, their family, or their integrity.

The Butterfly Approach philosophy is responsible for her successes as a parent, a wife, a coach, and a MessagePreneursTM.

She lives in Southern California with her high-school-sweetheart-hubby, Ryan; her favorite-angel-teacher-son, Aaron; her sweet and spicy grandma; and their two puppies and baby bearded lizard.

She can be reached through her website:  True to Intention

Co-Author: Stress Out! Mom’s Show Stress Who’s The Boss!
Author: Upside-Down Mommy: How a Caterpillar Transformed One Mommy’s Breakdown into Breakthrough

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