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Cathy-Brennan-cc-photoSooo…. bio’s are usually stuffy third person kinda canned info. That doesn’t work so well for me because I’m all about Being  who you are. At the same time I get that you’re curious and want to know who I am and how I got here to this point in my life.

I ask you to imagine pulling up a chair and sitting across the table at a little outdoor café on the beach (I love the ocean) enjoying a cup of coffee (ditto for the coffee) with me.

I’m the oldest of five. As a kid I was always championing for change, wanting to make things better.  My mom used to call it ‘leading from the back of the room.’ Today they call it circle leadership where everyone shares their unique skills and gifts and there is no one ‘guru.’  I like to think of it as a fire circle where we all sit around the fire sharing and expanding.

The down and dirty of it is after high school I signed up for a fashion design program, funny because my wardrobe is made up primarily of jeans, t shirts, and sandals.  They called me a week before classes were to start to say the program was canceled and I had to choose one of the other programs they offered– commercial art, dental assistant, or nursing.  Nursing was the least offensive so nursing it was. I graduated, got a job in a hospital and promptly enrolled full time in engineering school, finally settling on environmental engineering. During this time I also met and married my husband. As I prepared for my new career I discovered all of the jobs involved extensive travel, not so compatible with my vision for mommy hood. I headed back to school for a nursing degree.

I like helping people in their healing process but as time went on nursing felt less like a personal process and more like trying to push people into a mold. I envisioned a more empowering model but couldn’t quite tell you what that was back then. I began searching, taking classes and certifications in herbology, hypnosis, reiki, intuitive practices, and chakra healing.  I started Natures Health Source a small business creating and selling all natural lotions, soaps and salves. I missed working directly with people and really wanted  to use my various skills more fully.

About that time Cheryl Richardson introduced me to life coaching. It was love at first sight, I was hooked.  I took classes at Coach U and followed Thomas Leonard when he started Coachville where I completed my basic then advanced coaching coursework. My one on one coaching practice opened  in 2003 and in 2006 I added group coaching.  I loved coaching. I still love it twelve years later.

Coaching allows me to use my unique blend of intuitive skills, energy work, and pragmatic practical applications to inspire, empower, and connect people with their own authority (all core values for me).  Over time I noticed patterns emerging both personally and with clients.  I call it the Soul Path. It’s a blend of the hero’s (heroine’s) journey and soul purpose. Distinct phases that we all go through as we move through our lives. It’s an incredibly powerful body, mind, and spirit process that brings potential to reality and helps eliminate the feeling of being the only one or going it alone.

On the personal side I have four grown children and two grandchildren, watching and supporting them as they become who they are is one of my greatest joys. I live a couple of blocks from my beloved ocean in a quirky place called Santa Cruz. I walk the beach most days, meditate daily, write often and enjoy really good dark chocolate on a regular basis.  I have some amazing friends and equally great colleagues (most are both).  My clients inspire me and I really feel honored to guide them on their Soul Path, and they guide me in more ways than they know.

Cathy can be reached through her website: Inspired Soul Alliance

Co Author: Stress Out! Mom’s Show Stress Who’s The Boss!

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