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author-samanthaGregoryBaking and selling pound cakes as a little girl was the first in long line of bold actions Samantha Gregory took in her life. She went on to start a desktop publishing business as a single mom of a two year old. She started a personal finance blog for single moms because there weren’t any at the time. She went back to college after 10 years with a four year old and six-month old baby in tow, then graduated Cum Laude three years later.

Despite her successes she had a few major failures too. She succumbed to depression for much of her teens and adult life. She was on antidepressants for a short time. She opened herself up to abusive relationships, out of wedlock pregnancies, divorce, foreclosure, and repossession. Through all of this she knew she was here for a greater purpose. There was more to life than this.

Growing up Samantha felt different, out of place, and just plain weird. Though she was the go-to person for friends who needed advice about life and teen stuff, she was still not always a part of the “in” crowd. Because of extreme stress, anxiety, and depression, which caused her medical problems, she knew she had to turn her life around or the stress would cause irreparable damage, or worse, kill her. She had to find the joy, music, and magic in life and laugh more.

She set out on a journey to get free from limiting beliefs, religious dogma and abuse, and financial failure. This required a total life makeover. Breaking free and declaring a life of liberation and love has been a life changing and life affirming experience. It was long process of diving deep into her life, examining the recurring issues, setting boundaries, and creating a life she could love.

In 2008, Samantha was unemployed. She believed she could eventually be financially stable and free enough so she wouldn’t have to worry about or rely on child support. She is a firm believer in acquiring knowledge around your finances in order to be well-equipped if ever in a dire situation. Having a game plan is crucial and necessary.

As her life took major twists and she came out on the other side she began speaking to women; single moms like herself, and encouraging them to reach a higher level of success in their personal, professional/academic, financial, and spiritual lives. She shares her story and teaches them how to get rid of their victim mentality and move forward successfully.

She is the host of the Brilliant Beauties Podcast. She can be reached through her website: Rich Single Momma

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